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Custom CRM & Salesforce CRM Development Solutions

Customer relationship management software is crucial to your business. AllianceTek’s dedicated team can help you achieve CRM development solutions that meet your precise business requirements.

CRM solutions bring numerous benefits that can help your business reach new levels of success, such as increased productivity and value, greater efficiency and ROI, and improved customer relationships. With small business CRM software, your business can automate trivial tasks and focus on the customer. With the right CRM solution, a small company grow exponentially.

Small business CRM solutions include:

  • Complete and precise tracking of sales history
  • Maximized customer engagement
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Customized sales and email messages
  • Powerful reporting tools

Not only will we develop the right CRM solution to fit your needs, we can develop a mobile CRM system as well.

AllianceTek’s Custom CRM Development Solutions

AllianceTek will tailor your CRM solutions to meet your unique business needs. We build new systems from scratch, implement innovative features, and integrate CRM into existing systems. AllianceTek’s team possesses extensive knowledge and experience with CRM software. We stay up-to-date on the latest upgrades and developments, including mobile CRM, to ensure that the solutions we deliver remain on the cutting edge.

AllianceTek’s expertise in CRM software includes Salesforce CRM Development Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Services, Small Business CRM, SugarCRM Development Solutions, Open Source CRM Development Services, and Mobile CRM Software Solutions.


Sales & Marketing Management

A systematic sales and marketing management system gives you the ability to automate sales, align marketing efforts, and track sales performance. With CRM sales management and CRM marketing management, your business data will be easily accessible by employees in one location.

Dynamic sales solutions empower your team to track and manage leads, prospects, and opportunities; centralize document and content management; efficiently handle service requests and manage social media.


Knowledge Management

Our CRM software solutions provide key tools and insights that help our clients make the right business decisions and efficiently manage their assets:

  • Search optimization
  • FAQ
  • Process management
  • Document management
  • Content management
  • Collaboration
  • Discussion boards
  • Reporting and analytics

Service Request Management

If you’re looking for a service request management solution, or any of its features such as incident management, problem management, change management, or service task management, AllianceTek can help.

We seamlessly integrate service request tools to create innovative CRM software solutions, using Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Sugar CRM.


Social Enterprise

AllianceTek’s robust social enterprise CRM solutions allow you to manage customer profiles and social ads, increase social engagement, track social traffic, and control social content.


Customer Management Services

Improve your customer experience with AllianceTek’s customer relationship management software services.

Integrate all your customer information into a CRM system to get an accurate insight into your customer base. Track sales performance and progress with CRM custom reporting tools and CRM task management tools, such as BI reports and dashboards.

Account, Contact, and Activity Management

Capture, store, monitor, and track all critical information about customers, prospects, and partners. Manage leads, sales quotations, contracts, customer interaction, email correspondence, and more.


Email Marketing Solutions

AllianceTek’s email marketing solutions offer campaign management, contact list management, template creation, email analytics and metrics, tracking, and email activity monitoring.


Customer Access Portals

AllianceTek builds cost-efficient, intuitive customer portals that provide customers with secure access to your portal, allowing them to view the latest updates, collaborate with the development team, and post questions and feedback.

Empower your clients with more control over their project. Provide them with 24/7 support and increase the likelihood that they will return.

Alerts and Notification Automation

CRM task management and an alert system provide users with timely notifications on pending tasks, upcoming meetings, reminders on follow-ups, and more.

AllianceTek can help you increase your business efficiency by creating smart alerts and notifications that let you stay on top of projects and remain up-to-date with team members.

CRM solutions such as automated alerts and notifications can be facilitated through voice, SMS, or push notifications on mobile devices.


Inquiry Repository and Processing

An inquiry repository and management system lets you address customer inquiries accurately, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

Advanced features include response assignment, qualifying inquiry, status tracking, mail merge, and reporting.


Meeting Manager

AllianceTek’s intuitive meeting manager solutions let users schedule meetings, make reservations, manage events, create presentations, and take customer feedback.

Customer Analysis and Reporting Tools

AllianceTek has extensive experience building various CRM custom reporting tools, including:

  • Data collection
  • History tracking
  • Market analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Task management
  • Data quality management

Data Collection, History Tracking, and Customer Profiles

AllianceTek’s data collection solutions help you collect, transform, integrate, and migrate data the right way for a complete view of your customer base. Each organization has a unique way of collecting, maintaining, and updating their customer relationship management software data. Our experts will understand your business processes and unique business needs, and customize a CRM software solution so that you can gather and maintain key information in an easy and intuitive way that makes sense for your business.

AllianceTek’s history tracking tools will help you analyze your customers’ preferences and feedback by giving you access to customer information including key contacts, activity history, and customer communications.


Market Analysis and Trend Tracking

AllianceTek creates market analysis and trend tracking tools that provide deep insights into customer preferences and trends, allowing your marketers to work more efficiently.

AllianceTek’s analysis and tracking solutions include:

  • Consumer surveys
  • Competitor activity studies
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics tools

Reporting, Dashboards, and Scorecards

AllianceTek’s robust CRM custom reporting solutions ensure your business receives real-time insights and updates on the latest business activities.

Track, monitor, and study business trends with speed and precision.

AllianceTek’s solutions include:

  • Custom reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Data warehousing and management
  • Mobile business intelligence and reporting

Task Management

AllianceTek’s customized CRM solutions utilizing CRM task management tools make managing, planning, and scheduling tasks easy.

Manage projects, tasks, and campaigns with authenticated user access and secure information. Schedule tasks, provide client support, increase collaboration, automate workflows, and accelerate business processes.

AllianceTek can help you customize your existing system or create a new one from scratch, whether a large enterprise CRM, a small business CRM, or a mobile CRM

We’ll provide you with fully customized solutions or integrated solutions using any CRM software.


Data Quality Management

AllianceTek’s customized CRM software solutions ensure you receive and have control over the best data governance.

Our comprehensive and client-specific solutions ensure high-quality management of vital business information, whether you require:

  • Unified data spread across multiple sources
  • Parsing
  • Data auditing
  • Data filters
  • Data exceptions management
  • Maintenance and re-distribution of information
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