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Salesforce Realty Solution

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Salesforce Realty Solution
Salesforce Realty Solution
Salesforce Realty Solution
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A Renowned Land Investment Company Land Investment Company collects realty information to assist in the research, evaluation, and purchase of properties. They’ve developed a set of criteria that each investment must meet to pass their acquisition test, but required technical support from AllianceTek to centralize this information and to make it accessible and searchable.

AllianceTek offered their extended team to map the client’s existing documents from Google drive into Salesforce with integrated APIs to automatically import data into the new system. The team configured Salesforce apps to improve the data collection process and offered customization and third party integration capabilities to meet Pittenger’s specific requirements.

With the integration of different types of documents and reports under one roof, A Renowned Land Investment Company could now easily locate and manage information. All necessary data are viewable at a single glance and can be filtered according to various criteria, such as state, county, or address.

With the simplified data gathering process afforded them by integrating APIs and Salesforce apps, as well as AllianceTek’s customized solutions, the A Renowned Land Investment Company Land Investment Company was able to collect and analyze information more quickly and accurately, saving them time and resources.

AllianceTek is fantastic to work with. They are a team of true professionals. You will become friends with the people at AllianceTek. Not only do I recommend them for your projects, but I am going to use them again. They know what they are doing, they give suggestions, and anticipate potential issues. I am so happy to have crossed paths with this fine group of professionals.

- Alex Ghatan (President)
Skyline Property Group Inc.
Atlanta, GA

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