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Leading Document Filing Company

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A Leading Document Filing Company
A Leading Document Filing Company
A Leading Document Filing Company
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A leading document filing company that helps small business owners in areas such as incorporating their businesses, LLCs, compliance, and foreign qualification filings throughout the USA, approached AllianceTek with their sales and marketing automation requirements. They wanted a complete revamp of their existing system so that they could automate communication with their leads and convert them to orders, track the order life cycle from lead to fulfillment, record client communication history, and secure staff member accountability.

AllianceTek assessed their business needs and environment and proposed a solution that would help senior executives define, track, and monitor email campaigns and the sales life cycle. Their existing system did not provide useful email campaign tracking information. AllianceTek analyzed the existing email communication rules defined in Salesforce and proposed a solution that leveraged a third-party tool, Constant Contact, as the email marketing engine.

We designed a solution that would sync every lead record, campaign record, and relationship between leads and campaigns from Salesforce to Constant Contact. Business rules were re-written so that leads would be associated with campaigns, based on rule qualification and the email triggered to the lead. In addition, critical information regarding the number of emails opened, forwarded, link clicks, Spam, etc., would be pulled back into Salesforce and displayed at the individual lead record level.

Following deployment of this solution, the client’s marketing department does not need to individually communicate with the lead, and can focus their time in developing better marketing content and defining their business rules. The system now generates reports that show which campaigns are most effective in converting leads. The company is looking forward to Phase II deployment.

AllianceTek did a great job on my app. Very professional and easy to work with. I would absolutely contract them again for future work.

- Mark Mozolewski
San Francisco, CA

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