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The client is a real estate firm whose website offers property search, buying, and selling services. They had an existing Salesforce account, but were facing limitations bringing complete contact data into their system, reducing data redundancy, and managing email campaign contacts. They were lacking a proper system to locate, update, and manage leads. And they lacked the ability to send alerts through their website when they hosted events.

AllianceTek provided Salesforce support for the client, enhancing their existing system to develop a lead database by merging contacts from different sources for proper lead management. We imported and cleaned their large contact database and brought it up to date with current information from various data sources. The client had a large amount of lead data in various MS Excel files which we imported into Salesforce. We merged MailChimp contacts and installed a package to gather leads from the EventBrite website to Salesforce. A workflow was designed to manage alerts for people attending the EventBrite events.

The result was a clean, centralized source of information. Automated alert management relieved the client from manually sending event reminders. The Salesforce automation and enhancements offered by AllianceTek enabled the client to effectively manage lead information.

AllianceTek also provided the client with the following capabilities:

  • Send an email alert to register contacts the day prior to an event.
  • Mass deletion of notes and campaign members.
  • Importing of thousands of records to MS Excel.
  • Merge CSV and Salesforce custom fields using MS Excel.
  • Provide instant support whenever assigned tasks.

What an awesome experience I had working with this team. If you need a professional, reliable and competent team to help you out with any of your tech needs you don't need to look any further. From start to finish this team really made the process easy and did a fantastic job. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

- Payam Pakmanesh (CEO)
Cable Car Apps LLC
Hercules, CA

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