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Q. What is CRM?

Customers are the most important assets for any company. A company can’t dream of its existence without having loyal and patronizing customers along. Customer Relationship Management harps on the same relevance of customers by assisting companies to maintain invincible relationships with their customers and sales prospects. It makes use of the latest technology to automate, and hence successfully organize, business processes which relate with the sales department of any company. Alongside, it also works with other departments which include Marketing, Customer Service and Technical Support. It works with the ultimate objective of fulfilling three goals of a company

  • Find and convert new clients
  • Retain current clients
  • Bring back old clients into the company’s scheme of things

Q. There are two types of CRM solutions- On Premise and Cloud Based. What is the difference between the two?

On Premise CRM
As the name suggests, on premise CRM solutions are softwares which run on computers within the premises of the company. Therefore, all the data and information is stored inside the premises of the company instead of a remote location. This approach was highly popular till about 2005. Various agencies, like defence services, still make use of on premise CRM to ensure the security of data and have regular supervision over the same.

Cloud Based CRM
Since 2005, there has been a development of web based tools. This means that the software, and its relevant data, is accessible through the internet and displayed on a Web Browser. These solutions are becoming popular because they are offered on subscription rather than making it mandatory for companies to buy it. The former happens to be cheaper as it doesn’t require the companies to invest in purchasing and maintaining the IT hardware and the subscription cost is just a small fraction of the actual cost of the software.

Q. What are the various available CRM modules?

There are various CRM modules which are available and can be availed. These include the following:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service Request
  • Customer Self Service
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Quote and Order Management

Q. How can various CRM softwares be compared?

The factors of comparison for CRM softwares will depend upon the end results that the company is looking for. There can be a variety of different objectives of a company and the comparison will depend upon these objectives. There are many types of CRM softwares, available in the market. The choice of these softwares will depend upon the size of the business and built in features, along with the availability of customization.

Here is a list of some of the factors of comparison:

  • Blend / Integration with existing systems and software
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Availability of innovative features
  • Scalability and security
  • Customization cost
  • Software’s capability of reporting and analytics
  • Data Quality Control
  • Import and Export of Data
  • Mobility of the software

AllianceTek developed an iPad app for us within a short frame of time and went above and beyond to deliver what we wanted. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to develop easy to use, professional quality apps. Thanks for a job well done!

- Shilpa Bisaria (Senior Associate)

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